The Iowa Raitts from New York

The family of George Patterson Raitt, who emanated from Bovina, Delaware, New York, was in Iowa for only a relatively short time (though three children were born there) and so I have left his ancestral details on the Bovina Raitts page. His brother, Robert Raitt, however, relocated to and stayed in Iowa and so I have moved his family and descendants from the Bovina Raitts page to this new one - though his ancestors will still be found on the latter page. It should be noted that in the details below, whilst I mention the names of daughters, I have only followed the male Raitt line here.  (There were other Raitts in Iowa at the time and the major ones will be found under the Iowa Raitts from Maine page.)

Robert Raitt (1836-1910)

Robert was born on 19 January 1836 in Bovina, Delaware, New York to Thomas Raitt and Janet Thorburn. Both his parents were born in Scotland, and separately emigrated to American where they married (and possibly met) in Bovina in 1824. They had twelve children with Robert being the eighth child and fifth son. He died on 9 January 1910 in Patterson, Madison County, Iowa. He married Mary Elizabeth Kinnan about 1868 in Pennsylvania. She was born on 28 February 1844 in Pennsylvania and died on 12 October 1923 also in Patterson. They had five children: Ida Belle, 1869; George W., 1870; Samuel T., 1875; Mary J., 1875;and John Gibson, 1882. It would seem that only the youngest, John Gibson Raitt, married and had children (see below)

In the 1840 census for Bovina, Delaware, New York, Thomas Rait, employed in agriculture, is head of a family comprising 11 people - 9 of whom were under 20 years of age and one of whom would have been Robert, aged 6.

In the 1850 census for Bovina, we find Robert Raitt, 15, farmer, born New York, living at home with his father Thomas Ruitt (sic), 53, farmer, born Scotland (a widower though this is not stated); and siblings: John, 23, farmer; Mary, 22; Thomas Jnr, 21, farmer; George P., 18, farmer; Adam T., 17, farmer; William A., 13; Elizabeth, 10; and Jane E., 7 - all born New York.

In the 1860 census for Bovina, Robert Raitt, 22, is still at home with his father Thomas Raitt, 63, farmer; and siblings: Joseph (presumably John), 33, farmer; Mary, 30; Elizabeth, 19; and Jane E., 16. Living next door is brother Adam, 25; and Mary A., 21 (presumably his wife.)

Robert Roets (sic) is to be found at Harlan, Page, Iowa in 1870, aged 37, a farmer, born New York, married to Mary E, 27, keeping house; and with two children Ida Bell, 1 and George A. 8 months.

In 1880 in Patterson, Madison, Iowa, we find Robert Raitt, 44, harness maker; wife Mary E., 37; children: Ida Bell,11; George W., 10; Samuel T., 8; and Mary J., 5. Robert’s father’s birth place is given as Ireland, though his mother’s is given as Scotland. Robert’s elder brother the Reverend George Patterson Raitt and family are living almost next door (see under Bovina Raitts).

In the Iowa State Census for 1885, the family has moved to Boone, Dallas, Iowa - Robert Raitt, 51, harness maker; wife Mary Elizabeth, 44; and children: George W., 15; Samuell P., 13; Mary J., 10; and John P., 3.

In the Iowa State census for 1895, Robert Raitt and family are in Wiscon, Madision, Iowa.

In 1900, in Scott, Madison, Iowa, we have Robert Raitt, 65, farmer; wife Kinan Raitt, 58; children: George, 28; Samuel, 28; and John, 18 - the three boys are farm labourers.

George W. Raitt (1870-?)

George was born in 1870 in Iowa (probably Harlan, Page), the eldest son of Robert Raitt and Mary Elizabeth Kinnan.

Living at home up to the 1900 census, in that of 1910 for Winterset Ward 4, Madison, Iowa  George W. Raitt, 40 is living with his widowed mother Mary E. Raitt, 69. Both are living on their own income.

In the 1925 Iowa State census, George W. Raitt is single, aged 52, living in Winterset, Madison. His brother Samuel T. Raitt, 50, single, is there with him classed as a boarder.

George may have died before 1935, probably in Winterset.

Samuel T. Raitt (1875-1947)

Samuel was the middle child of Robert Raitt and Mary Elizabeth Kinnan. He was born on 22 March 1875 in Grand River Township, Adair, Iowa and he died in Winterset, Madison, Iowa on 3 October 1947.

In the 1925 Iowa State census, Samuel T. Raitt, 50, single and a boarder is living in Winterset with his brother George W. Raitt, 52, also single.

In the 1930 census for Winterset, Madison, Sam T. Raitt is single, aged 58, a labourer doing odd jobs, and living alone. .

And in the 1940 census for Winterset, Samuel Ritt (sic), is 68, single and living alone - presumably retired or unemployed as no occupation is given. He was also at the same address in 1935.

John Gibson Raitt (1882-?)

Although the Iowa Births and Christening Index gives his birth year as 1881, John Gibson Raitt's World War 1 draft registration card gives it as 22 August 1882. He was the last child of Robert Raitt and Mary Kinnan and was born in Crawford Township, Madison County on 22 August. He married Rebecca Jane Collins on 22 February 1906 in Hanley, Iowa. The marriage record says he was a farmer, age 24, born in Iowa and residing in Patterson. His father is given as Robert Raitt and his mother as Mary E. Kinnan. Rebecca was aged 23, residing in Hanley, Iowa and born in Iowa to R M. J. Collins and Mary J. Alcock. His father Robert Raitt was a witness.

Rebecca was born about 1883 in Iowa and died in April 1956 in Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa. They had seven children: Laurel M., 1907; Harold, 1909, Robert C., 1914; Vincent, 1916; Wendell Albert, 1918; Juanita V., 1921; and Donald, 1924.

In the 1910 census for Jefferson, Polk, Iowa there is J. G. Reitt, 27. hired hand on a farm,; wife Rebecca, 26; children Laurel, 3; and Harold, 2 - all born Iowa. They had been married four years and had had three children, two of which were living at the time of the census.

The Iowa State census for 1915 has John G. Raitt, 32, labourer, born Iowa (father New York, mother Pennsylvania) living in Des Moines, Polk, Iowa.

According to his WW1 draft registration card, John Gibson Raitt was born on 22 August 1882. At the time of registration (12 September 1917) he was a farm labourer, residing in Adel, Dallas, Iowa and he gave as his nearest relative (his wife) Rebecca Jane Raitt. He was tall, of slender build, with grey eyes and light coloured hair.

In the 1920 census for Colfax, Dallas, Iowa we find John Raitt, 37, general farmer; wife Rebecca, 35, born Iowa; and children: Laurel, 13; Harrold, 11; Robert, 6; Venson (Vincent), 4; and Wendell, almost 2 - all born Iowa.

In the 1 January 1925 Iowa State census, John Raitt and family are still in Dallas. The census provides quite some information. John G. Raitt is 42, born in Dallas. His father is given as Robert Raitt, 77, born New York; and his mother is named as Mary Curnan, 69, born Pennsylvania - where they were also married. Wife Rebecca, age 38, was also born in Iowa. Her father is given as Richard Collins, age 64, born Ohio; and her mother is given as Mary Alcock, 62, born Missouri - they married in Iowa. The children are listed: Laurel, 18; Harold, 16; Robert, 11; Vincent, 9; Wendell, 6; Juanita, 4; and Donald, 1 - all born Iowa. Under Occupation, the heading Any Type is ringed and John has answered Yes.

By 1930, John’s wife Rebecca had remarried and was living in 36th Street, Des Moines, Polk, Iowa with new husband Ben T. Carey, 48, gardener, born Iowa (as parents); and children: Wendell A. Raitt, 12; Juanita V. Raitt, 10; and Donald C. Carey, 6. (Donald is given as the adopted son of Ben.) In fact, Rebecca, age 41 next birthday, had married Ben T. Carey on 29 April 1929 in Boone, Boone, Iowa. Interestingly, consent to the marriage was given by John Harold Raitt - this is presumably Rebecca’s eldest son. I have not yet found John in the 1930 census, although his wife-to-be Lena Runyon is in Poweshiek, Jasper with her family.

John G. Raitt is recorded as marrying Lena C. Runyon on 30 August 1930 in Newton, Jasper, Iowa. John was aged 46, a painter residing in Greencastle, Iowa and born in Patterson, Iowa. His father was Robert Raitt and his mother’s maiden name is given as Jannett Kinnan. Lena was aged 44, also residing in Greencastle, but born in Ira, Iowa. Her father was Charley Henderson and her mother was Amanda Baldwin. It was the second marriage for both of them.

In the 1940 census for Washington, Jasper, Iowa living at F Ant 5, North Walnut, we find John G. Raid (sic), age 58, born Iowa (as both parents), occupied as a musician in the entertaining industry, together with wife Lena C. Raid, 54, general cook in a restaurant, born Iowa and mother-on-law Amanda Henderson, 87, widowed, born Missouri. They were at the same address in 1935.

In the 1940 census also living at 1968 Hickman Road, Des Moines, Polk, Iowa we have in the Ben Carey household, his wife Rebecca (formerly Raitt), 52; and her children: Wendel A., 22, landscape gardener, born Iowa; Waneta (Juanita) V. Raitt, 20, housekeeper, born Iowa; and Donald C. Carey, 16, born Iowa. The family was living in the same house in 1935.

According to his WWII draft registration card dated 25 April 1942, John Gibson Raitt was born on 22 August 1882 in Patterson, Iowa and was residing in Booneville, Madison, Iowa. He was employed by P. J. Tiernan in Booneville and gave as the person who would always know his address, Mrs Lena Raitt in Colfax. He was 6ft 1in, weighed 167 lbs, had grey eyes and grey hair and a ruddy complexion. He also had a scar on the left hand middle finger.

I have not yet found out his date of death, though he made a Social Security Life Claim on 5 February 1951. A note indicates that on 27 December 1977, the name was listed as John Raitt. As he had a SSN then you would have thought the death would have been recorded.