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Raitt name (meaning, variations, people)  

            Rait name origins  

            Raitt name musings  

            Raitt Coats of Arms and Crests                             

            Other Raitt arms (mainly Bavarian example)

           Raitt seals

           Related Coats of Arms (families related to Raitts)

            Other Coats of Arms (more distant ancestors and relatives)

            Heraldic symbolism of Raitt Coats of Arms  


Raitt context (how our family history fits in)  

            Biography of Gervaise de Rathe

           Other de Rathes (possible family members)  

            Letters referring to Andrew de Rathe

            Which Raitts were where when?

Raitt locations

           Rait Castle - architecture

          Preserving Rait Castle  

           Rait Castle - owners and occupants

          Tours of Rait Castle (mentions in the local press)  

            Rait Castle photos  MODS

            Rait lands

           Raitt residences (Hallgreen, Red Castle, Anniston House, Dunnottar, Drumtochty)

            Other Raitt locations (places associated with the name - Rait, Raitts, Raith, Rath, Rhaetia)

            Features/places named after Raitts

World Raitts (quick access to country top pages)  

Scottish Raitts  

          Angus Raitts  

              Raits of Anniston  

               A horse with a name  NEW

               William Reat - Jacobite Surgeon  

                    Anniston family bible  

              Hallgreen Raits of Angus (branches in Cononsyth, Pitforthie, Inverkeilor)  

                  Alexander Raitt (Secretary to Earl of Mar)  

              Arbroath Raitts (John Raitt/Jean Meikison and James Raitt)  

                   Raitt - Meikison origins  

                   Alexander Raitt (elder brother of John - wife Mary Stormont)  

                  John Raitt (1805) (and Elizabeth Dorward - my great great grandparents)

                   Elizabeth Dorward Raitt (my great grand aunt, married W. R. Doig)

                   Margaret Phillips Raitt (my great grand aunt, remained single)

                   David Dorward Raitt (my paternal great grandfather)                      

                          David Raitt (eldest son of David Dorward Raitt)   MODS

                           John Purvis Raitt (youngest son of David Dorward Raitt)  

                          William Raitt (middle son of DDR and my paternal grandfather)

                                William Raitt’s children (my uncles, aunts and cousins)

                                      David Raitt (my family)

                  David Dorward Raitt's rescue  

                Ye olde Raitt shoppes  

                Raitts of Conon and Colliston     MODS

                Raitts of Liff, Benvie and Invergowrie       

          Kincardineshire Raitts  

                  Raits of Hallgreen

                        Hallgreen Rait family tree (includes Angus descendants)

          Aberdeenshire Raitts   

          Lanarkshire Raitts (Raitts from Arbroath; Raitts in Coatbridge)  

          Other Scottish Raitts

          Perthshire Raitts  


          Raitt families in the 1841 and 1851 censuses

          Raitt Christian names and occupations in 1841

          Early Raitt family trees in Angus

                David Reat’s tree  

          All Raitts in early history (or many of them)

          Religious Raitts  

          Military Raitts   MODS

          Raitts in the 1st World War  

          Some illustrious Raitts  

          Raitt Master Mariners (being a seaman in days of sail)

                Requirements for Certificates of Competency

                Arbroath mariners (related to the Raitts)

                Other Raitt mariners (not from Arbroath) MODS

              Raitt Mariners in Napoleonic Wars      NEW

               Captain Charles Raitt    NEW

               Captain Charles Raitt - Court of Enquiry   NEW

                Raitt wrecks (the shipwrecks suffered by our ancestors)

         Rait Castle - fishing drifter

        Margaret Rait - American whaler NEW

        Raith of Leith - whaler  NEW

        G. W. Raitt - schooner  NEW


          Raitt relations (families my Raitt ancestors and relations married into)

              Purvis family tree (my paternal great grandmother’s paternal side)

              Wilkie family tree (my paternal great grandmother’s maternal side)

              Scorgie tree (my paternal grandmother’s paternal side)

              Sangster family tree  (my paternal grandmother’s paternal side - includes Robertson)

              Kelman family tree (my paternal grandmother’s paternal side - includes Lawrence)

              Smith family tree (my paternal grandmother’s maternal side)

              Willocks family tree (my paternal grandmother’s maternal side - includes Hutcheon and Doig)

              Lindsay family (my maternal grandmother’s side)  

               Lindsay tree (my maternal grandmother's family tree)  

              Jean Lindsay (my maternal grandmother)  

                      Ormonde family tree (my maternal grandmother’s first child)

              Taylor tree (my maternal grandfather’s side)  

                   Herbert George Taylor (my maternal grandfather)  

                       Grenadier Guards service  

                    WW1 experiences   

              McKee tree (my paternal aunt’s side)

              Carroll tree (my paternal uncle’s side)

              Guest tree (my paternal uncle’s side)

              McAneny tree (my paternal uncle’s side)

              West tree (my paternal aunt’s side)

              Hanan family (my maternal granduncle side in New Zealand)  

              Maternal ancestors (my female bloodline - Skair, Mollison, Stewart, Duncan, Drummond, Lindsay)


American Raitts (including Rait, Reat, Rhett)  

        Raitt name variations in early censuses  






        Raitt families in the 1880 US census

        Raitt occupations in 1880

      Raitts down on the farm (Raitt farms 1870/80 censuses)  

        John (Dorward) Raitt (my paternal great grand-uncle)  

      Orville Dorward Raitt (grandson of John (Dorward) Raitt)   MODS

        James Dorward Raitt (my paternal great grand-uncle)  

                James Dorward Raitt’s journal

                Jane Keill’s journal - 2007

                     Jane Keill’s journal - 2013

                Elizabeth (Abbot) Raitt’s life story

                     Elizabeth Raitt’s story of the Blizzard of 1888

        California Raitts (including descendants from Manitoba, New York, Aberdeen)  

             California Raitts from Manitoba (George Hutchen Raitt and sons)  

                 California Raitts from South Dakota (descendants of Granville Raitt from England)  

             Archie, Walt and John Raitt  (singer/actor John Raitt and brother and father)  

        Iowa Raitts from Maine (George Raitt from Maine and descendants)  

        Iowa Raitts from New York (Robert Raitt from Bovina and descendants)  

        Maine Raitts (Captain Alexander Raitt and descendants)

             Alexander Raitt's clock  NEW

             G. W. Raitt - schooner   NEW

        Maryland Raitts (John Raitt and descendants)

        Michigan Raitts (the Raytowskys from Poland)  

        Mississippi Raitts (Thomas Raitt and descendants)  

        New Jersey Raitts (Samuel Bowden Raitt and descendants)

        New York Raitts (different families there including my own)  

                Bovina Raitts (descendants of Thomas Raitt in Delaware County, NY)   

            Bovina Raitts family tree

      Virginia Reats (James Reat, silversmith, and family)

      Wyoming Raitts (John and George Raitt from Aberdeen)

      Raites in Iowa, Colorado, California (John Rait from Wishaw)  

      Raites in Wyoming, Iowa, Kansas (James Rait from Wishaw)  

        Pillars of Society (biographies of IL and ME relatives)

        William Raitt, granite cutter (family from Aberdeen in IL, RI, CA)


Canadian Raitts  

        Manitoba Raitts (William Raitt’s descendants from Scotland)    

        New Brunswick Raitts (Alexander Raitt and MN descendants)  MODS

              William Chalmers Raitt’s History of the Raitts

             From New Brunswick to Jamaica  MODS

          Margaret Rait - whaler  NEW

        Quebec Raitts (David Raitts descendants from Fife, Scotland)

Australian Raitts  (top page)

     Raitt Siblings in NSW  

     Charles Henry Raitt


          Amy Raitt's letters to Base Records

          WW1 service

          Torpedo survivor

                Medical history


English Raitts  (top page)

        London Raitts

      Hampshire Raitts (Colonel Charles Robert Raitt and sons)

           Ashley Clinton Game Book   NEW

New Zealand Raitts  

        Lyttelton Raitts (James Raitt’s descendants from Arbroath)  

Nicaraguan Raitts (descended from Oswald Raitt of Nairn)

Russian Raitts

South African Raitts (top page)  

        Anastatius Raitt    

        James Rait   

Bavarian Raitts

         Genealogy and Register of Raitt Family up to 1683

         Bavarian Raitt names

         Bavarian Raitt translation  (English translation of manuscript)  

Some Raitt family ancestors (photographs)  MODS

        Some Raits and Rhinds from Aberdeen

      California Raitts family photos (Archie, Walt and John Raitt)  

        Some modern Raitts and relations (photographs) MODS

        Some Raitt family graves (photographs)  

                Gravestone inscriptions

Raitt DNA  

        My yDNA (Oxford Ancestors)

        My mtDNA (Oxford Ancestors)

        My YDNA (BritainsDNA)  

        My mtDNA (BritainsDNA)

        My Ancestry DNA (Ancestry)

        Maternal ancestors

        Raitt redheads

        Raitt blue-eyed boys (and girls)

        Overview of DNA  


Statistical Accounts of Scotland



                St Vigeans

                Cortachy & Clova



                Lethnot & Navar





Other pages

Raitt anecdotes (stories about ancestors and relatives) MODS

Raitt blog (musings and commentaries) MODS

Raitt readings (various books I have read for background)  MODS

Raitt timeline (what was happening where when Raitts were around)  

Raitt writings (poetry and short stories by various Raitts)  

    Charles Raitt

   David Raitt

   David Ian Raitt

    Andrew Raitt    

    Belinda Raitt      

    Ethel Marian Raitt  

    Bonnie Raitt

   Wreck of the Rosebud

Scotland’s prehistory (life some 20.000 years ago)

Web sites (of interest for further research)

World Raitts (top page giving quick access to countries)

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Recent additions and updates

11 April 2023

•     Preserving Rait Castle

•     Features/places named after Raitts

•     David Dorward Raitt's rescue

•     New photos added to Rait Castle, Ancestors, Modern Raitts and Graves pages

•     Additions to Raitt blog

•     New pages for Herbert George Taylor, Grenadier Guards and WW1 experiences

•     Lindsay pages updated

•     Modifications to California Raitts from South Dakota

•     Several new pages in Australian Raitts: Charles Henry Raitt; Raitt siblings in NSW

•     New page for Hampshire Raitts (Colonel Charles Robert Raitt and sons)

•     New page for Russian Raitts

•     Addition of Belinda Raitt to Raitt Writings page

•     Various minor corrections and additions made to several other pages

Potential forthcoming additions

              Pages on Ohio, Montana, Wisconsin, Texas Raitts

              Pages on Dundee Raitts, and Doigs

              More on Conon Raitts

              Page on Raitt criminals

              Pages for Irish, Indian and Jamaican Raitts

              Additional pages for Canadian and NZ Raitts

              More details of other California Raitts

              New material on Rhaetia

              More on armoria and heraldry

              Raitt name variations in British censuses

              Updating of family trees

              A possible link to the name Raat

              Details on the Raitts of Arbuthnott

              Individual pages for my cousin’s spouses’ families

              Individual pages for my American Raitt Scottish ancestors

              More detailed pages for related families such as Dorward, Stormont, Kinnear

              Gazetteer of place names associated with the families in Scotland

              History in the making at the time of the de Rathes

              Page on families that I am trying or intending to follow up on

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