The Quebec Raitts

David Raitt was born on 8 October 1816 in Bridgend, Dunino, Fife, Scotland to John Raitt and Annie (also Ann/Anne) Auchterlonie (various spellings) who married on 8 December 1810 in Dunino. John and Annie gave their names for proclamation in order to marriage in Dunino (his parish) on 24 November 1810 and were contracted in order to marriage on 23 November 1810 in Leuchars, Fife (her parish). In the Dunino record John is given as John Rait, while in the Leuchars record he appears as John Raitt.

Besides David, John and Annie had several other children: Janet, born 28 February 1812 in Dunino; Robert, born 3 June 1818 in Dunino; Anne, born 21 April 1820 in Carnbee, Fife; and James, born 20 November 1822 also in Carnbee. For Robert, the father’s name was given as Ret, and Rait for the other children.

David Raitt married Isabella Dixon, who was born on 16 August 1822 in Woolwich, London, England, on 19 March 1838 in the parish of Plumstead, Kent where the bride was resident. On the marriage record, both bride and groom were “of age” - though Isabella seems to have been only 15½! David’s occupation was given as gunner in the Royal Artillery stationed at Woolwich and his father was named as John Raitt, labourer. Isabella’s father was George Dixon, tailor. Witnesses were William Dixon and Charlotte Seagar. It is interesting to note that David was in the Royal Artillery - one wonders whether (and when) he left Fife to go to London specifically to join up (this becomes clearer below!) In any event the couple seem to have emigrated to Quebec, Canada in 1839 (while David was still in the army), where they had some nine children between 1840-1861: George (1840-1869), John Dixon (1843-1923), Margaret (1845-1916), Isabella (1848-1875), James William (1851-1932), Annie (1856-1877), David (1859-1862), Thomas Robert (1862-1933) and another David (1869-). Although the parents lived until their eighties, three of their children died in their twenties, and one died young, as did several grandchildren.

A little research reveals that the British government stationed British Army regiments in Canada for its defence from about 1763 until 1871. Generally, these forces were garrisoned in fortifications such as those found in Quebec, Kingston and Halifax and could be augmented from time to time by reinforcements from Britain in response to war scares, rebellion and war itself. It is likely then that David Raitt went to Canada in 1839 as part of these forces.

In the Lower Canada Census Returns for 1842 (parish of Argenteuil), we find David Raitt, a tailor, with two other family members (presumably wife Isabella and son George). It is interesting that David took up the trade of tailoring - did he leave the Royal Artillery shortly after getting married and going to Canada, having perhaps learned the trade from his father-in-law or possibly wife? (Again, this becomes clearer below.)

The family is not yet found in the 1851 Canada East census.

In the 1861 Canada East Census for Enumeration District 2, Parish of Saint-Jerusalem d’Argenteuil, county of Argenteuil, we find David Raitt, tailor, born Scotland, religion Free Church (as were all the  family), aged 45 next birthday, married. The family, comprising nine people - five males (one of whom was not a family member) and four females, was living in a one-storied log house. One male and one female were attending school within the year. Besides David, the household comprised wife Isabella, born England, age 38; son George, fireman (?), born Lower Canada, age 21; daughter Margaret, born Lower Canada, 16; and other children (without the designation son or daughter) Isabella, 13; James, 10; Anna, 5; and David, 2 - all also born Lower Canada. The non-family member was John Sherre, apprentice, born Lower Canada, age 26. Where son John, aged about 18 and presumably already a tin smith, is not yet known. Son David died a year or so after the census was taken. His parents had another son in 1869 whom they also named David.

In the 1871 census for Ste-Jerusalem, Argenteuil (Lachute), Quebec we find David Raitt, aged 53, a tailor born Scotland, presbyterian; his wife Isabella, 48, born England; and their children Isabella, 23; James, 19, tin smith; Annie, 14, going to school; Thomas, 9, going to school; and David, 3 – all born Quebec, but listed as of Scotch origin.  

In an 1871 city directory living in Lachute, Quebec were David Raitt, bailiff and tailor; and also John Raitt, tinsmith, and James Raitt, tinsmith. While in 1890 John Raitt and Thomas Raitt were listed under the headings Plumbers and Gasfitters in Lachute.

In the 1881 census for Ste-Jerusalem, Argenteuil (Lachute), Quebec we find David Raitt, aged 63, a bailiff, born Scotland; his wife Isabella, 58, born England but of Scottish origin; and their son David, 13, born Quebec. Also in the household is Isabella Paul, 7, born Quebec, also of Scottish origin. The two children are at school.

The family is in the 1891 census for the same place. David Raitt is 73, a tailor, born Scotland as were both parents; Isabella is 68, born England, though both parents were born in Scotland; still in the household is Isabella Paul, 17, who turns out to be a granddaughter with both parents apparently born in Quebec. Also in the household is sister-in-law Margaret Dixon, 68 and a widow, born Ontario, as were both parents; and Margaret Allen, 13, who seems to be a lodger, born Quebec, though both parents born Scotland. Living nearby is son David Raitt, 24, a watchmaker, born Quebec, with father born Scotland and mother England; his wife Annie, 19, born Ontario though her father was born in Scotland and her mother in Ireland; and their daughter Isabella, 1, born Quebec.

In the 1901 census for Lachute we have David Raitt, 83, bailiff, born Scotland, date of birth given as 9 Oct 1817, and immigration year as 1839. With him is wife Bella, 78, born England on 16 August 1822; and granddaughter Bella, 10, born 20 April 1890 in Quebec, a student.

David Raitt died on 30 July 1902 in Lachute, Quebec, Canada, aged 85. Someone somewhere along the way got his dates wrong - his gravestone in Lachute gives his date of death as 31 July 1902 (though the official record states 30 July) and his date of birth as 9 October 1817 (as does the 1901 census), whereas his birth extract in Scotland shows it to be 8 October 1816. Isabella died in Lachute on 26 January 1907, aged 84.

John Dixon Raitt, born 1843, tin smith, died 21 Nov 1923 in Lachute, aged 80. He was the second son of David Raitt and Isabella Dixon. His wife Margaret Ann Copeland, born 1844, died 14 January 1918 in Lachute. John married Margaret on 23 May 1867 in Lachute. They had several children: David John Dixon born on 3 April 1868 in Lachute; Thomas George White ( born on 6 July 1871 in Lachute, died there on 6 December 1872); Annie Florence (born 24 Sept 1872, Lachute; died 21 Dec 1964 in Lachute, aged 92); William D. (born about 1878); Mary Ellen (born 3 June 1880 in Lachute, died 13 Dec 1910 in Lachute, aged 30); Margaret Anne (born about 1980 - a twin?); Laura E. (born about 1882); Margaret J. (born about 1885); and Georgina Elizabeth (born 13 May 1889 in Lachute, died 7 Oct 1944 in St Albans, Franklin County, Vermont) who married Frank John Noel.

In the 1871 census for St Jerusalem, Argenteuil there is John Raitt, born Quebec, of Scottish origin, age 27, a tin smith; wife Margaret Ann, born Quebec, of Irish origin, age 26; and children David, 2; and Thomas, 1 - both born Quebec.

In the 1881 census for St Jerusalem, Argenteuil, we have John Raitt, 37; wife Margaret Anne, 36; and children Anne Florence, 9; William D., 3; and Margaret Anne, 10m. Next door is brother James and his family.

Still in Lachute in 1891, we have John Raitt, 47, father born Scotland, mother Ireland, religion Salvation Army, a tin smith; living with his wife Margaret, 46; and children: Annie F., 18; William, 13; Mary E., 11; Laura E., 9; Margaret J., 6; and Georgina C., 3.

In 1901, in Lachute, John Raitt is 57, a tin smith; with wife Margaret, 56; and children: William, 23, carter; Mary E., 20; Maggie I., 15; and Georgina E., 12.

In the 1911 census for Montreal, we have John Rait, 67, married, a tradesman. No family is present.

In the 1921 census for Montreal, living at 180 Laporte St Henri West, we find John D. Rait, age 73, a widower, in the household of his brother-in-law, Robert Day. This is the husband of daughter Laura. Also in the household is Bertha Lapierre, 13, whose mother was John’s daughter Georgina.

Annie Raitt was born on 28 May 1856 in Lachute to David and Isabella Raitt and died there on 25 March 1877, aged only 20.

David Raitt was born on 28 February 1859 in Lachute to David and Isabella Raitt and died there on 25 May 1862.

Thomas Robert Raitt was born on 28 September 1861 in Lachute to David Raitt and Isabella Dixon and died in Toronto, Ontario on 17 January 1933. He married Martha Eliza Melita Winters, born 11 Feb 1860 in Osnabruck, Ontario and dying in Belleville, Ontario on 30 April 1931, on 9 September 1885 in Stormont, Ontario. They had a daughter named Edith Winifred in 1891 who married Howard Percy Lyons Seymour on 14 January 1914 in Toronto; and another, Gladys Alexandrina in 1899, who married Lloyd Byron Ward in Toronto on 23 September 1925, and who died in 1965 in Toronto.

In 1871 Thomas was at home with his parents and siblings in Ste-Jerusalem, Argenteuil (Lachute). Where he was in 1881 is not yet found.

In 1891 living in Lachute, there is Thomas Raitt, 29, a tin smith employing two men, born Quebec (father Scotland, mother England) with wife Martha, 29, born Ontario as were both parents; and daughter Edith, 2m, born Quebec.

Like his brother James, Thomas seems to have given up his trade of tin smith and become an insurance agent, for in 1900 he is to be found in Trenton Ward 2, Mercer, New Jersey living at 492 West State Street and working as an insurance agent, age 38, born Sept 1861. With him is wife Martha E., 38, born Feb 1862; and daughters Edith W., 9, born Jan 1891) and Gladdis A., 11m, born June 1899 in New Jersey. The census shows Robert and Martha had been married for fourteen years and had had three children, two of whom were still living.

By 1911 the family was back in Canada - the 1911 census for Toronto North, Ontario living at 146 Bernard Ave has Thos R. Raitt, 50, insurance inspector; wife Martha E., 51; and daughters Edith, 21, and Gladys, 12.

In 1921, at the same address, we find Thomas Raitt, 59, working in insurance; wife Martha, 61; and daughter Gladys, 21.

David Raitt was the second of the name to be born to David and Isabella Raitt. The first, as noted above, was born on 28 February 1859 in Lachute and died there on 25 May 1862. The second was born on 1 October 1867 in Lachute and appears to have died in Townsend, Broadwater, Montana on 10 July 1909 aged 46. Aged 43, he married Alice M. Mark, aged 27, in Helena, Lewis and Clark, Montana on 16 November 1907. On the marriage licence, he was said to have been born in New York and had been married before. His parents were named as David Raitt and Isabella Dixon. He had, in fact, married Annie Isabella Mackay in 1889 in Montreal and they had a daughter, Isabella, born in 1900.

In the 1891 census for Ste-Jerusalem, Argenteuil (Lachute), Quebec living almost next door to his parents we find David Raitt, 24, a watchmaker, born Quebec, with father born Scotland and mother England; his wife Annie, 19, born Ontario though her father was born in Scotland and her mother in Ireland; and their daughter Isabella, 1, born Quebec. Annie died on 31 July 1891 in Lachute, possibly as a result of birth complications. It would appear that David remarried almost a year later - the record shows that David Raitt Jr, jeweller in Lachute, widower, married Eleanor Florence Reeves on 28 June 1892 in Montreal. It looks like Eleanor died on 12 January 1894, aged 20, in Calumet, Laurentides Region, Quebec.

Where David is in 1901 is not yet known; however it is likely that he was already in Montana since the Bozeman, Montana, City Directory for 1902 shows presumably him to be living in Old Bell Smelter street, Bozeman. His daughter Bella, 10, is living with her grandparents in Lachute.

James William Raitt was born on 18 June 1851 in Lachute to David Raitt and Isabella Dixon and died in 1932 in Edmonton, Alberta. He married Janet Isabella Walker, born 21 February 1852 in Lachute and dying in Edmonton in 1928. They had five children between 1880 and 1890: George Fergan, Catherine Maud, David Clarence, Jessie Isabella, and Andrew Stanley. George Fergan was born on 26 July 1880 in Lachute and died there on 8 March 1902. Catherine Maud was born on 17 March 1882 in Lachute and died in Vancouver, British Columbia on 15 April 1979 aged 97. She was married to William Kellman Thomson. David Clarence was born on 4 February 1884 in Lachute and died in September 1966 in Edmonton. His spouse was Grace E., born in 1890 in Nova Scotia and dying in 1980 in Edmonton, aged 90. Jessie Isabella was born on 11 September 1885 in Lachute and died in Hawkesbury, Ontario on 11 May 1972. She married Richard Clarence Pattee, born in 1880 in Plantagenet, Ontario. Andrew Stanley was born on 8 May 1890 in Lachute and was buried on 11 September 1957 in Edmonton. His wife was Hilda Mulholland Frith and she was born on 30 January 1899 in Winchester, Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry United Counties, Ontario. She died in 1997.

In 1871 James Raitt was a tin smith living at home with his parents and siblings in Ste-Jerusalem, Argenteuil (Lachute), Quebec.

In St Jerusalem, Argenteuil in 1881, James W. Raitt, 30, tin smith, born Quebec, but of Scotch origin, was married and living with wife Bella, 26 and son George F, 9m. Next door is brother John and his family.

In the 1891 census for Lachute, Argenteuil, Quebec we find James W. Raitt, 39, tin smith, born Quebec (father Scotland, mother England) with wife Janet I., 36, born Quebec (both parents Scotland); children: George, 11; Maude, 8; Clarence, 6; Jessie, 4; and Andrew, 11m - all born Quebec.

In 1901 still in Lachute, there is Jas. W. Raitt, 49 (born 18 June 1851 in Quebec), insurance agent; living with wife Bella, 47 (born 21 Feb 1854); and children: George, 20 (26 July 1880), clerk; Maud, 19 (17 March 1882), operator; Clarence, 17 (4 Feb 1884), student; Jessie. 15 (11 Sept 1885), student; and Stanley, 10 (8 May 1890), student.

The family is not yet found in 1911, however, in the 1916 Canada Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta living at 11042 84th Avenue, Edmonton we have James Raitt, 64, insurance agent; wife Jannett, 62; and son Stanley, 26, clerk in a city office.

In the 1921 census living in Edmonton, Alberta at 11131 85th Avenue, there is James W. Raitt, 70, retired; wife Janet I., 67; and son Stanley, 30, civic clerk in the city.


In the 1911 Canadian census for Strathcona, Alberta living at Tise Hall, we find James and Janet Raitt's sons, David C. Raitt, aged 27, born Feb 1884, lodger, working in agriculture; and Stanley Raitt, 21, born May 1890, a roomer, working in a city office.  

In the 1916 census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, specifically for Strathcona, Alberta living at 10615, 80th Avenue, we find David Raitt, age 32, electrician, born Quebec, of Scotch ethnicity; and wife Grace, 26, born Nova Scotia, of English ethnicity.

In the 1921 census of Canada, living at 10815 86th Avenue, Strathcona, Edmonton, Alberta is D. C. Raitt, 27, linesman; wife E. G., 31; son G. D., 4, born Alberta.

In the 1935 Canada Voters List Edmonton West, Alberta, living at 10815 86th Avenue, we have David Raitt, electrician, and wife, married.In the 1940 Voters List for the same place, there is David Raitt, electrician; his wife; and Dunbar Raitt, student. In the 1945 Voters List, we have David Raitt, electrician; wife Grace, and daughter Norma, steographer at the same address. The three are still there in 1949 and David is now superintendent. In the 1962 Voters List, David and Grace are still residing at the same address, David is retired.In the 1963 Voters List for Edmonton-Strathcona where we find, still at the same address on 86th Avenue, David C. Raitt, retired; and Mrs Grace E. Raitt, retired.


In the 1891 and 1901 censuses Andrew Stanley Raitt (or Stanley as he seemed to be known) like his brother David (see above) was at home with his parents James and Janet Raitt. In the 1911 Canadian census for Strathcona, Alberta living at Tise Hall, we find him as Stanley Raitt, 21, born May 1890, a roomer, working in a city office with his brother David C. aged 27, born Feb 1884, lodger, working in agriculture and at the same address.

In his WW1 Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force (CEF) attestation papers dated 27 March 1916 for the 202nd Q Batt'n C.E., Stanely answered a number of questions put before attestation. His surname was Raitt and he gave his christian names as simply Stanley. His address was 10707 82nd Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta. He was born in Lachute, Argenteuil, Quebec on 8 May 1890, his next of kin was his father James Raitt whose address was also 10707 82nd Avenue. He was not married, and a clerk. He was willing to be vacinated or inoculated, did not belong to any Active Militia and had never served in any Military Force. He expressed his willingness to be attested to serve in the CEF. In the record of his physical description we learn that his apparent age was 25; his height was 5ft 8¾ in; his chest girth when fully expanded was 36½in with a range of expansion of 4½in. He was of dark complexion with brown eyes and black hair. he had a scar on the inner side of right leg. He gave his religion as Presbyterian. And he was pronounced fit to serve in the CEF.

In the 1916 Canada Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta for 11042 84th Avenue, Edmonton we have Stanley Raitt, 26, single, clerk in a city office living at home with his parents: father James Raitt, 64, insurance agent; and mother Jannett, 62.

In the 1921 Canadian census, for 11131 85th Avenue in Edmonton, Alberta, Stanley Raitt, 30, born Ontaria (as both parents), single, working as a civic clerk in the city is living with his parents James W. Raitt, 70, retired; wife Janet I., 67.

On 30 April 1934 Stanley Raitt, aged 43, born in Lachute, Quebec, arrived in Eastport, Idaho, USA by car (a Ford Coach Atlas). He was accompanied by his wife Hilda and his occupation was given as cashier. The purpose of their trip (paid by himself) was a holiday in the Portland region. He showed $200 and stated that he had been in the United States before - Seattle in 1920. The entry card gives his height as 5ft 10in, dark (?) complexion, black hair and brown eyes.

George, the eldest son of David and Isabella Raitt, was born on 21 August 1840 in Montreal, Quebec. In the birth record, his father was named as David Raitt, bombardier in the Royal Artillery. He died on 27 February 1869, aged 28. Just less than four years earlier he had married Margaret Martin on 3 June 1865 in Ottawa, Ontario. In the Lower Canada Census Returns for 1842 (parish of Argenteuil), George is at home with his parents. In the 1861 Canada East Census for Enumeration District 2, Parish of Saint-Jerusalem d’Argenteuil, county of Argenteuil, George is 21, still living with his parents.

Margaret Raitt was born on 18 August 1845 in Lachute and married Thomas Wilson there on 28 June 1866. She died on 17 April 1916. The couple had at least four daughters.

Isabella Raitt was born in 1848 in Lachute and died there on 6 November 1875, aged 26 - possibly of childbirth complications. She had married Alexander Paul on 9 April 1873 in Lachute and the couple had a daughter, Isabella, born about 1874, who was subsequently brought up with her grandparents David and Isabella.

In the History of the counties of Argenteuil, Que., and Prescott, Ont., from the earliest settlement to the present by C. Thomas and published in 1896 there is a description of Lachute giving details of its history and early settlers - "in 1809 a few Scotch (sic) settlers joined the Americans at Lachute, and they continued coming in for many years." It is in this book that we learn more about David Raitt.

"David Raitt is another who may be styled a pioneer of Lachute. He is a native of Fifeshire, Scotland, and in his youthful days learned the tailor's trade, and afterwards enlisted at Edinburgh, 23rd October, 1835, at the age of 18, in the Royal Artillery, in which his services as tailor were called in requisition. He sailed with his company from Woolwich for Montreal, and arrived there 20th August, 1839. He then purchased his discharge, which reads as follows:

"Gunner David Raitt of the Royal Artillery has always borne a good character in the corps, and I believe him to be a sober, honest and industrious young man, and one whom I conceive in every way to be trustworthy.

J. Turner,

Capt. Royal Artillery.

"Discharged in consequence of having paid the sum of £25 under item 12 of the Good Conduct Regulations."

Mr. Raitt previous to his discharge had been master tailor in the garrison at Montreal.

On the 7th January, 1842, he came to Lachute, where he has ever since resided. He bought 100 acres of land, on which he lived some years, and then selling it, he removed to the village, devoting his time chiefly to his trade. On account of failing health, however, he accepted the office of bailiff—thus obtaining ample exercise in the open air—and he has held the position over forty years. Although 79 years of age, on the loth of October, 1895, Mr. Raitt is still active and intelligent, and enjoys relating his early experiences here, and describing the old landmarks and characters of Lachute.

Mrs. Raitt, also, whose maiden name was Isabella Dixon, and whom he married before coming to Canada, is still alive and active. They have four sons and one daughter living, two sons and two daughters are deceased.

James W., one of their sons, learned the trade of tinsmith, and followed it till 1890, when he was appointed Secretary of Lachute and Clerk of the Commissioners' Court —offices which he has filled to the general satisfaction of the public. He is also agent for several Fire, Life and Accident insurance companies, as well as agricultural implements. He was married 5th October, 1871, to Janet Isabella Walker.

John Raitt, his brother, is also a tinsmith, plumber and roofer, and has a shop here on Main Street, in which he keeps a variety of tinware. He married Margaret, a daughter of Nathaniel Copeland."

In a more recent book, History of Lachute from its earlies times to January 1, 1964 by Dr G. R. Rigby, published in 1964. We can learn a little more.

"Notable families who settled in Lachute in this period were David Raitt who came from Scotland in 1842 and farmed 100 acres before moving into Main Street as a tailor, then jeweller, finally occupying the office of bailiff.

Lachute farmers were now becoming sufficiently numerous and prosperous to support some small ancillary industries to make the community more self-supporting. Around 1876, John Raitt and James Raitt, sons of David Raitt the tailor and later the bailiff, set up as tinsmiths and plumbers in the West End and on Main Street respectively.

In 1858, there were two tailors in town, William Greenshields and David Raitt.

In 1855, a Mechanics’ Institute was formed in Lachute….which had a membership of 21 in 1855 which grew to 140 in 1856. The Mechanics’ Institute was an organization for establishing libraries and the Lachute branch received an addition from the District Library Association which united with it. The Library which eventually exceed 1700 volumes was housed in the house of Donald McPhail at the east corner of Main Street and Barron. Later the Institute was disbanded, the books coming into possession of D. Raitt [presumably as bailiff?], though it was still alive in 1896."

One wonders whether David and his family could speak French given that they lived and worked in a French-speaking province. I am assuming that they did and this makes the life and story of this early Scotsman in Canada even more interesting!

William Duffrin Raitt, son of John Dixon Raitt and Margaret-Ann Copeland, was born in Lachute on 15 February 1878. He married Ada Bradford on 26 November 1902 in Montreal.

In the 1911 census for Westmount, Hochelaga, Quebec, living at 660 Victoria we have William Rate, 33, married, born Feb 1878, working as a coachman at a private house; wife Ada, 31, born March 1879; children Eva, 8, born December 1903; Johny, 5, born January 1906; and Violet, 2, born May 1909 - all in Quebec.

In the 1921 census for Quartier Notre Dame de Graces, Montreal, living at 160 Orford, we find William Rait, married, aged 45, born Quebec, employed as a manager; wife Ada, 46; and children: Eva, 17; John, 15; Violet, 12; and Ruby, 9.

In the Canada Voters List for 1935, living at 2239 Harvard, Mount Royal, Quebec we find Mrs William Raitt, widow; and daughters Violet, corset maker; and Ruby, clerk.  In 1968, daughter Eva was living at 145 rue Claude in Lachine, Montreal.

Son John W. Raitt was born on 9 December 1905 in Quebec. As William John Raitt he married Violet Greer on 25 August 1928 in Montreal. They had a child John William (later apparently reversed to William John) born 26 March 1929 in Montreal. According to the Canada Voters List for 1940, J. W. Raitt, commercial photographer, and his wife were living at 86 Lorne Avenue, Chambly-Rouville, Montreal. In 1949, John Raitt, photographer and wife Violet are living at 53 Cedar Avenue, Jacques-Cartier, Montreal.

At some point they moved to California - in 1951, W. J. Raitt, a mechanic, and spouse Violet R. are recorded as living at 469 E Orange Grove avenue, Pasadena. They are still in Pasadena in 1956, where John W. Raitt is a serviceman. He died on 31 March 1970 [25 August 1991] in Los Angeles.

It looks like son John may have followed in his father's footsteps to some extent, because in Laval-sur-le-lac, Quebec in 1958 is John Raitt, printer and his wife living at 139 67th Avenue. In 1963 living at 8645 Basswood, Jacques-Cartier-Lasalle, Montreal, we find John Raitt, lithographer, and wife Joan.

Interestingly, we find Georges Raitt, engineer, living with his wife also in Laval-sur-le-lac in 1949; and  G. Raitt, agent, living with his wife at 280 Les Erables, Laval in 1963. In 1972 and 1974, George Raitt, engineer, and wife Germaine, are living at the same address. Who this George is is not yet ascertained.