Wraight in early censuses

As noted on the page introducing Raitt name variations in early US censuses, this page will cover the main name of Wraight. There do not appear to be any variations.


York, South Carolina

John Wraight, 16+


Saratogo, Saratogo, New York

Joseph Wraight, 26+ (and family)


Pittstown, Rensselaer, New York

H. Wraight, 45+ (and family)


New York Ward 11, New York, New York

Richd Wraight, 40+ (and family)

Seneca, Ontario, New York

Thomas Wraight, 30+ (and family)

Walworth, Wayne, New York

William Wraight, 40+ (and family)


Chicago Ward 3, Cook, Illinois

Thomas Wraight, 40+ (and family)

Sodus, Wayne, New York

Richard Wraight, 30+ (and family)

William Wraight, 30+


Chicago Ward 5, Cook, Illinois

Thos Wraight, 60, born England; Harriet, 39, born England; Henrietta, 17; Harriet, 14

Wheeler, Steuben, New York

Thomas Wait (Wraight), 53, born England; Caroline, 45, born England; Caroline, 15; Ellis, 12; Irvin, 8

Rose, Wayne, New York

James Wraight, 32, born England; Frances, 38, born England; Amelia, 4; Wm, 2; Edmund, 38, born England

William Wraight, 42, born England; Susan, 19

Bloomfield, Walworth, Wisconsin

Richard Wraight, 67, born England; Frances, 73, born England


West Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Thos Wraight

Marshall, Oneida, New York

Peter Wraight

Cohocton, Steuben, New York

George Wraight

Wheeler, Steuben, New York

Thomas Wraight, 58, born England; Caroline, 48, born England; Allis, 17; Irvin, 14

Rose, Wayne, New York

James Wraight

Bloomfield, Walworth, Wisconsin

Richard Wraight


Wayne, Hamilton, Indiana

Edmond Wright (Wraight), 46, born England; Sarah, 41, born England - as all children except last; William, 16; Alfred J., 14; Thomas S., 12; Lydia, 9; John, 3

Concord, Jackson, Michigan

Wm Wraight, 51, born England; Susan, 28, born New York; Hannah, 9, born New York

Marshall, Oneida, New York

Peter Wraight, 40, born England; Sarah, 35, born England

Cohocton, Steuben, New York

Geo Wraight, 33, born England; Sabra E., 32; Emily, 8; Melvin H., 3

Wheeler, Steuben, New York

Caroline Wright (Wraight), 58, born England; Ervin, 19

J. Wraight

S. Wraight

Rose, Wayne, New York

James Wraight, 42, born England; Frances, 48, born England; Cornelia, 14; Wm., 12; Hannah, 8; Frances, 6; Geo, 5m

Magnolia, Rock, Wisconsin

Shorter Wraight, 51, born England; Richard, 13


Prattsburgh Area, New York

Ervin Wraight


Westfield, Chautauqua, New York

Daniel Wraight, 36, born England - as all others; Elizabeth, 40; William, 14; James, 7; Mary J., 2

William Wraight, 48, born England; Charlotte, 43, born England (as all children except last two); William S., 19; Charlotte, 16; Angelina, 14; Thomas, 11; Henery, 9; Edward, 4; Minnie, 1

Marshall, Oneida, New York

Peter Rate (Wraight), 48, born England; Sarah Wraight, 40, born England

Palmyra, New York


Prattsburgh, New York

Ervin Wraight

Cohocton, Steuben, New York

George Wraight, 38, born England; Eliza, 37; Emily, 14


Anca, New York

Erwin Wraight


Terre Haute Ward 5, Vigo, Indiana

Harriett Wraight, 33, born New Jersey

Union, Whitley, Indiana

Sarah Wraight, 57, born England; Alfred, 24, born England; John, 12

Cherokee, Cherokee, Iowa

Wm Wraight, 36, born England; Jennie, 35, born New York; Corra M., 7; Thomas P., 4

Sharon, Washtenaw, Michigan

Elias Wraight, 26, born New York; Eliza, 23, born New York

Pleasant Prairie, Martin, Minnesota

J. S. Wraight, 32, born New York; Leheotton, 22, born Canada

Hoboken Ward 1, Hudson, New Jersey

Sarah Wraight, 48, born New York

Morristown, Morris, New Jersey

Susan Wraight, 15

Rahway Ward 2, Union, New Jersey

William Wraight, 42, born England; Maria O., born Connecticut; William H., 19; Charles W., 15; George W., 13; Jesse S., 11

New Lebanon, Columbia, New York

Henry Wraight

Brookfield, Madison, New York

Lewis Wraight, 45, born England; Dorcas, 40, born England; Jenette, 12, born England

Marshall, Oneida, New York

Palmer Wraight

Peter Wraight, 49, born England; Sarah, 45, born England

Cohocton, Steuben, New York

George Wraight, 44, born England; Sebrie, 43; Emelie, 18; Marvin, 4

Wheeler, Steuben, New York

Caroline Rate (Wraight), 69, born England; Ervin, 29; Mary, 26; Alice, 6, Eliza, 4m

Corry Ward 1, Erie, Pennsylvania

William Wraight, 49, born England; Charlotte, 48, born England - as all children except last two; William S., 24; Angelina, 18; Thomas E., 16; Henry G., 14; Eddie, 8; Minnie, 6

Saint Helena, Beaufort, South Carolina

Simm Wraight

Brodhead, Green, Wisconsin

Wm Rate (Wraight), 28; Rachel, 38, born New York;


Liberty, Dickinson, Kansas

Daniel Wraight, 52, born England (as others); Elizabeth, 51; M. Jane, 11

James Wraight, 17, born England

W. D. Wraight, 25, born England; Clara, 18, born Indiana

Brookfield, Madison, New York

Lewis Wraight, 47, born England; Dorcas, 53, born Connecticut; Nettie, 15

Marshall, Oneida, New York

Peter Wraight, 54, born England; Sarah, 50, born England

Wheeler, Steuben, New York

Irvin Wraight, 34; Mary, 32; Alice, 11; Eliza, 5; Lucin, 2; Susan, 0; Caroline, 69, born England


Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut

Thomas Wraight, 70, born England

W. W. Wraight, 43, born England; Emma J. 48, born Connecticut; Walter, 14

Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut

Laura A. Wraight, 40; John L., 21 - father born England, as other siblings; Gilman D., 13; Cora, 10; George, 5

Leonard Wraight, 61, born England (death)

Salmon City, Lemhi, Idaho

Alfred Wraight, 49, born England

Russell, Lawrence, Illinois

Jefferson Wraight

Liberty, Dickinson, Kansas

William Wraight, 31, born England; Clara, 24, born Indiana; Daisy, 3

Township 20 Range 23 W, Ness, Kansas

Alfred Wraight, 35, born England; Lucinda, 25, born Indiana; Mary L., 3, born Indiana

Thomas Wraight

Hillsdale, Hillsdale, Michigan

Mary Wraight, 36, born New York

Leslie, Ingham, Michigan

Elias Wraight, born New York; Eliza, 32, born New York; Frederick, 9; Mary, 7; Charles, 3

Parma, Jackson, Michigan

William Wraight, 72, born England

Palmyra, Lenawee, Michigan

Charles Rate (Wraight), 32, born New York; Eva Wraight, 18, born Ohio; Lilian M. Wraight, 3m

Bloomingdale, Van Buren, Michigan

Daniel Wraight, 49, born New York; Ellen, 39, born Ireland; John, 14; Ella, 11

Brookfield, Madison, New York

Lewis Wraight

Wheeler, Steuben, New York

Ervine Wraight, 39; Mary, 36; Alice, 16; Eliza, 10; Lucian, 7; Susan, 5; Guy, 3; Caroline, 75, born England

Springfield, Clark, Ohio

Henry G. Wraight, 23, born England; Susie, 22, born Germany

Thomas Wraight, 27, born England; Ellen I., 21; Edwin E., 4; Charlott, 61, born England; Angie M., 28, born England; Minnie, 16, born Pennsylvania

Springfield Ward 5, Clark, Ohio

Edward Wraight, 18, born Pennsylvania (death)

Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina

Dennis Wraight

Petersburg, Dinwiddie, Virginia

Adlina Wraight, 33, b

Decatur, Green, Wisconsin

William Wraight, 38 (parents born England); Rachel, 50; Stella, 13

White Oak Springs, Lafayette, Wisconsin

John Wraight, 42, born New York; Emma, 36, born New York; James, 17; Frances, 12; Thomas, 11; Richard, 8; Jessie, 6

Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

John Wraight, 50, born England; Mary, 40, born England


LeMars Third Ward, America Township, Plymouth, Iowa

Percy Wraight, 20, born England


City of Chicago Northern District, Cook, Illinois

J. W. Wraight


Concord, Jackson, Michigan

Daniel Wraight

ED 284 Rahway, Union, New Jersey

William D. Wraight; Maria A. C.


Stockton, San Joaquin, California

Thomas Wraight, 22, born Wisconsin

Brookfield, Madison, New York

Lewis Wraight, 65, born England

Cohocton, Steuben, New York

George Wraight, 66

Marvin Wraight, 24

Rose, Wayne, New York

George Wraight, 32; Matilda, 35; Clarence, 1


Concord Township, Jackson, Michigan

Daniel Wraight

Fairfield Township, Lenawee, Michigan

Elias Wraight

Bloomingdale Township, Van Buren, Michigan

Chas. Wraight


Second Ward Le Mass, Plymouth, Iowa

Percy Wraight, 32, born England; Kate, 28

Park Rapids, Hubbard, Minnesota

Daniel Wraight, 69, born England; Elizabeth, 70, born England

Clayton, Gloucester, New Jersey

John Wraight, 20+

Morristown Ward 2, Morris, New Jersey

George Wraight, 20+; Mary, 20+; Mary; Nellie; Grace; George; Lillian; Maria (all children between 5-20)

North Plainfield, Somerset, New Jersey

Wm H. Wraight, 20+; Edna, 20+; Mabel, 5+

Milwaukee Ward 16, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Wm Wraight