The Angus Raitts

The families below are the earliest Angus Raitts I have come across that are not included in the other Angus Raitt pages (noted above.) I have not yet researched them all extensively, but three of them do have a more lengthy list of descendants and these are provided on separate pages (highlighted below.) Additional trees will be provided when I have done the necessary research. It will probably turn out that some, if not all, are related to the Raits of Hallgreen.

Alexander Raitt was born about 1635, place unknown, but probably Angus. Since his son James Raitt (and grandchildren) were born in Kinnell, Angus, then he may be from around there too. The name of Alexander’s wife is not known, nor is whether they had more children. James married Jane Anderson from Kinnell in 1680 and they had at least four children, the eldest of which, Francis (born 1684), married Anna Low in 1711 in Guthrie and had several children born there. His brother James (1689-1755) married Elisabeth Low (died 1756) according to a gravestone in Kinnell kirkyard upon which several children are also listed. However, the marriage date and place is illusive as are the birth and death dates and places of the children. The youngest son of James and Janet, William (born 1692), married Margaret Greig and had six children between 1720-1734.

Then there was Alexander Rait born about 1655 in Arbroath or possibly Inverkeilor. He married Margaret Mill (born about 1658 in Guthrie, Angus) in 1676 in Guthrie. No children have been found born to these parents in Guthrie, Arbroath or Inverkeilor in the first few years following marriage.

Although born in Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen about 1659 as the eldest child of ten of James Rait (born in Aberdeen about 1632) and Marjorie Ronaldson, Andrew Rait apparently moved to Arbroath where he married Magdalene Fyfe (born in 1674 in Arbroath) in 1688. They had six children all born in Arbroath: Margaret (1689); Elizabeth (1693); James (1695); Patrick (1700); Margaret (1704); and Marion (1704). Marriage records for Andrew’s two sons, James (1695) and Patrick (1700), have not been found, at least in Arbroath. One of Andrew’s daughter’s, Elizabeth (Elspet), married David Leslie, who might be the same person who witnessed the christening of Catherine Rait (daughter of Thomas Raitt (see below) and Helen Hunter in 1729. He might also be related to the Jean Leslie who married David Raitt in 1720.

Katherine Raitt was born in Arbroath about 1665. She married John Ouchterlouny (born about 1665 in Arbroath) on 24 June 1685 in Arbroath. No children have been found born to these parents in Arbroath or St Vigeans in the first few years following marriage. Individuals with the surname Ouchterlouny are named as witnesses to various Raitt christenings, but whether they are related is not yet known.

Margaret Raitt was born in St Vigeans about 1667. She married John Finlow (born March 1666 in Arbroath) there in 1687. No children were born in Arbroath, but there was a John Finlo born in St Vigeans in 1688. John Finlow (Findlow) senior had at least three siblings who had children.

Robert Rait married Margaret Orock in Montrose on 17 June 1671. He could be either the Robert Rait, christened in Montrose on 27 Nov 1632, father Andro Rait; or the Robert Rait christened in Montrose on 9 February 1638, father George Rait; or the Robert Raitt, christened on 25 May 1640 in Montrose, father William Raitt. His daughter, Margaret Raitt (see below) emigrated to America and died in Virginia in 1714. He was a Master Mariner from Montrose. He and wife Margaret also had a daughter christened on 23 October 1684 in Montrose. There are several other children for Rober Raitt around the same dates in Montrose, though the mother's name is not given.

Margaret Raitt was born in Montrose on 4 September 1677 to Robert Raitt and Margaret Orrock. She is listed in the book entitled The Original Scots Colonists of Early America, 1612-1783. She died in Virginia in 1714.

Robert Rait was born around 1680 - he could, in fact, be the Robert Raite christened on 23 December 1682 in Mains and Strathmartine to John Raite and Elspeth Fordall. He married Jean Steven in Arbroath on 9 November 1703 and they had four children: John (1704); twins William and Robert (1706); and Margaret (1709.) Jean is probably the Jean Stiven, christened on 4 December 1682 in Arbroath to Andrew Stiven and Jean Steedman.

In June 1690 David Raitt was born in Grange of Conon, St Vigeans. He married Jean Leslie around 1720 and they had ten children between 1721-1747. Jean might be the Jean Lesslie born on 2 December 1700 in Panbride, near Arbroath to John Lesslie and Marie Davidsone. Except for James, the eldest child of David and Jean, the rest of the family has not yet been extensively researched. There are, though, quite a lot of descendants from James and his wife Margaret Soutar and what makes them interesting is that not only do later generations appear to have lived in the same street as my ancestors, but very recently later generations have been uncovered in New Jersey in the USA. There are also several gravestones for them in the St Vigeans churchyard. This has prompted me to further research this family and some of their history is outlined on the Raitts of Conon and Colliston page. I will endeavour to also look into the siblings of James.

Isobel Rait was born about 1695, place unknown, but possibly Guthrie since this is where she married William Wilson in 1715. No children have been found born to these parents in Guthrie or Arbroath in the first few years following marriage.

There are several possibilities for the Thomas Rait (Raitt or Reat - spelling varies depending on source) who married Helen Hunter in December 1724 in Arbroath and who might turn out to be my ancestor - though the name Thomas has not been carried down. One Thomas Raitt was born in 1700 at Arbuthnott, Kincardine; another Thomas Rait was apparently born about 1699 in Arbroath; and then there is the Thomas Raite who was born in 1682 at Mains and Strathmartine, Angus.


On the American Raitts page under New York there is mention of another Thomas Raitt (spelling varies) whose family were active in Bovina, Delaware County, New York in the early 1800s. Exactly who this Thomas was is not known; however, if he married Elisabeth Thoms in December 1787 in Glen Isla, Angus (where he was very probably an agricultural labourer and his wife a farm servant) then he would have been born, in principle, around 1765 or so. There are a few possibilities, but I think it unlikely that he would be the one born in Fife, Ayr or Lanark. Instead, he may very well be the one born down the road relatively speaking in Dundee, Angus on 29 Jan 1767. His parents were Gilbert Rait and Isabel Kier – though certainly the name Gilbert was carried down. This couple married on 16 Dec 1761 in Dundee. (Interestingly an Alexander Rait married an Elisabeth Keir on 14 Nov 1760 also in Dundee. I wonder if they were brothers and sisters?) Gilbert and Isabel had several children between 1763-1778: James born 14 Feb 1763 (chr 16 Feb); Isabell born 19 Oct 1764 (chr 21 Oct); Thomas born 29 Jan 1767 (chr 1 Feb); William born 23 Jan 1769 (chr 25 Jan); Marion born 3 Jul 1770 (chr 4 July); Marjory born 7 Jun 1772 (chr same day); Margaret born 21 Nov 1774 (chr 24 Nov); and David born 14 Jun 1778 (chr 17 Jun).

None of the children were named after their father and the name Gilbert (not a typically Scottish name) has not been carried down through this family (which may be an indication it is not correct, though Thomas certainly has been a common name for descendants). There are a couple of gaps though in 1773 and 1776/7 and it is possible that there was a son of that name but he died shortly after birth. The death of a Gilbert Raitt is recorded for Dundee on 9 Jan 1788, but unfortunately the age is not given, so whether it is a son or the father himself cannot be ascertained. Nor does the name crop up in an Memorial Inscriptions.

Since Dundee was a major centre for jute manufacture in the 18th and 19th centuries it likely that the family were weavers. Indeed, in the 1841 census for Rosebank St North Side, Dundee there is a David Raitt, age 60, who was a linen hand look weaver, as were his children. He is there also at number 5 Rosebank St in 1851, age 72 – probably too old for weaving now he is a bellman, but his unmarried sons (David 40 and Thomas 37) are still involved in the industry – the former as a hand loom weaver, the latter as a starcher. Son William (30) is not present.

And then there is the David Raitt (1783-1866) from Arbroath who married Isabel Rhind in 1808. His parents seem to have been William Raitt and an unnamed Littlejohn. Their gravestone is in St Vigeans churchyard, so he was probably related to the other families buried there, though I have not yet discovered which. David and Isabel had eleven children between 1809-1832. Isabel died in 1835 and David subsequently married Helen Whyte in 1839 and had two more sons (David and John) with her. This family will be explored further in due course.


Then there is another David Rait - a crofter and farmer in the Angus parish of Liff, Benvie and Invergowrie. The dates and places of birth, marriage and death of David and his wife Isabella Low are not currently known, but they must have married about 1802 (thus probably born around 1780) as their first child was christened in 1803 in Liff, Benvie and Invergowrie. Details of David’s family and descendants are to be found on the Raitts of Liff, Benvie and Invergowrie page. David’s grandson, Thomas Raitt, emigrated from Angus to America in 1860 and the details of his subsequent descendants are given in the Mississippi Raitts page).

William Raitt (1816-1895) was the youngest son of William Raitt and Elizabeth Rew. He married Helen Grainger on 29 April 1844 in Edinburgh and they had ten children between 1849-1864 - all born in Angus. Sons James, George and Charles Raitt emigrated to Canada and their descendants will be found under Manitoba Raitts and subsequently California Raitts. Hugh Mitchell Raitt (1862-1935), their ninth child, became a joiner and moved first to Aberdeen for work and then to Montrose, Angus (where he married Jessie Ann Ryrie in 1886), He subsequently moved to Musselburgh, Midlothian in the late 1890s or early 1900s, again for work and subsequently forming a family business there in 1906 (see also under Other Scottish Raitts). Thomas Ballentyne Raitt, the youngest child of William and Elizabeth  married Isabella Ley in 1890 in Montrose, Angus and they had two children between 1893-1901. More details on the ancestors of William and Helen Raitt will be currently found on the Kincardineshire Raitts page, as will  the descendants of Hugh Mitchell Raitt (though he is also briefly mentioned on the Other Scottish Raitts page.)


In the 1841 census for Hallgreen Bothie, Bervie, Kincardineshire is a William Rait, aged 21, born Kincardine. This may be William Raitt’s son or it could be the William (1819-1889) who is the son of his brother James.

In the 1851 census for 9 Esk St, Craig, Montrose, Angus are William Raitt, 34, carpenter employing two men, born St Cyrus, Kincardineshire; his wife Helen, 30, born Edinburgh; and their children John, 2; and William, 7 months, both born Craig.

In the 1861 census for Logie Pert, Angus and living at Wright’s Croft, Craigo are William Raitt, 44, joiner, born St Cyrus; his wife Helen, 40, born Corstorphine, Edinburghshire (Midlothian); and their children John, 12, scholar, born Craig, Angus; William, 10, scholar, born Craig; George, 9, scholar, born Craig; James, 7, scholar, born Craig; Helen, 5, scholar, born Logie Pert; twins Margaret and Mary, 3, born Logie Pert; and Charles, 1, born Logie Pert.

In the 1871 census for Logie Pert, living at Carpenter’s Croft of Craigo are William Raitt, 54, house carpenter employing one man; wife Helen, 50; and children George, 19, house carpenter; Helen, 15; twins Margaret and Mary, 13, scholars; Charles, 11, scholar; Hugh, 9, scholar, born Logie Pert; and Thomas, 7, scholar, born Logie Pert. Son William, 20, is living next door at the Smith’s Croft of Craigo where he is a blacksmith. Son John was probably also nearby as he married in Logie Pert in 1876, but subsequently moved away.

In the 1881 census for Logie Pert, living at 1, Logie Road are William Raitt, 64, wright or house carpenter; wife Helen, 60; and children James, 27, unmarried, blacksmith; Margaret, 23, unmarried; and Thomas, 17, wright’s apprentice or house carpenter. Sister Mary is probably nearby, Charles had already sailed for Canada.

In the 1891 census for Logie Pert, living at Joiner’s House, Craigo are William Raitt, 74, now a widower, but still employed as a joiner; and the unmarried twins Margaret and Mary, 33, both father’s housekeepers.

In the 1911 census for Logie Pert, Angus are Thomas B. Raitt, 47, estate overseer; wife Isabella, 46; and children David L., 17; and Helen G., 10.

There are several groups of Raitt families in Angus. One of the most documented in recent times is that of the Raits of Anniston - a branch of the Raits of Hallgreen in the Mearns (Kincardineshire). In addition, there are the various Raitts - also branches of Hallgreen - in Cononsyth, Pitforthy and Inverkeilor as well as my own Arbroath/St Vigeans Raitts. There are also other families and I originally included three trees of 17th century Angus Raitts (grouped on the basis of date of birth) on a separate page. However, following some further research I have placed one of the trees on its own page with information and details about the various families of the Raitts of Conon and Colliston. Like my Arbroath Raitts and the other Angus families, it is more than likely that they are all descended from or related somehow to the Raits of Hallgreen (for whom I have also constructed a family tree which includes their Angus descendants.) They also may or may not be siblings and it is possible that some of the younger ones may be offspring of the older ones - perhaps they are cousins. In many instances, particularly for offspring, the name is recorded sometimes as Raitt, Rait as well as Raite and Reat. These variances are not necessarily always reflected in these trees, but I have made a note of the spellings in my master Raitt file and have included the different spellings in the 1841 census page.

To supplement the other pages of the more well-known Raitt families in Angus (mentioned above), an overview of some of the earlier individuals is given below. As a result of recent additions to the site, I may need to tie these in to some of the other families, though at present others are currently simply isolates. It is hoped to bring a more complete listing of other Raitt families, including those married into the Arbuthnotts in due course.

Then there is another family, found by virtue of two members - John William Raitt and his sister, Elizabeth Ann Raitt emigrating to Australia around the time of the 1st World War. Their story is told on the Australian Raitts page - with John's heroics and subsequent decorations in that war being further detailed on the Raitts in World War One page. However, their ancestors, parents and siblings have been traced to the following people.

Alexander Raitt

The earliest person in this family, whose descendants are found in Scotland, England, America and Australia would appear to be Alexander Raitt of Rescobie, Angus who married Agnes Hackney, of the parish of Barry, Angus, in Barry on 4 September 1796. They are recorded as having three children: Isobel, born 16 June 1799 in Rescobie; John, born on 29 June 1802 in Kinnell, Angus; and George, born 28 August 1804 in Arbirlot, Angus. No further details on the family, apart from John, have yet been found. Given the locations of the children’s births, Alexander was probably a farm worker and could be the one born on 27 April 1778 in Dundee to Stewart Rait and Margaret Rankine, or the one christened on 1 April 1770 in Arbroath to William Raitt and Mary Chambers. Since the name Stewart does not seem to have been carried down, whereas William has, then possibly the latter is the one.

John Raitt

Son John Raitt born on 29 June 1802 in Kinnell married Mary Petrie, though their marriage record is not yet found. However, they  had two children: William, born 23 February 1829 in Carmyllie, Angus; and Mary, born 6 November 1834 also in Carmyllie.

The 1841 census for Greenpiece, Carmyllie has John Rait, 35, farmer; wife Mary Petrie, 40; and children William, 12; and Mary, 7 - all born Angus.

The 1851 census for  101 West Gate Street, Kirkden, Forfar, Angus has John Raitt, 48, farm labourer, born Kinnell; and wife Mary Petrie, 51, born Angus.

The 1861 census for the same address has John Raitt, 58, freestone quarrier, born Kinnell; and wife Mary, 61, born Carmyllie.

The couple are still at the same address in 1871 - John Raitt, 70 is a pavement quarrier, born Angus; and wife Mary is 72, born Carmyllie.

The death of John Raitt is not yet found - it was presumably between 1871-1880. Mary Petrie, widow of ploughman, John Raitt, died on 5 January 1880 at Glenskenno, Dun, aged 79. Her father was named as Andrew Petrie, farmer; and her mother as Elizabeth Paterson. Her son William Raitt was the informant.

William Raitt

William Raitt was born on 23 February 1829 in Carmyllie, Angus - his parents being named as John Raitt, labourer at Greenpiece of Cononsythe and Mary Petrie. On 16 June 1849 he married Ann Leuchars in Carmyllie. William was from the parish of Carmyllie, though Ann was from St Vigeans, Angus. Ann was christened on 10 August 1826 in St Vigeans, Angus to John Leuchars, farmer; and Ann Lowson/Louson. She died on 12 May 1906 in Benholm, Kincardineshire, aged 79 - just a month after her husband, William Raitt, farm overseer, who died on 4 April 1906 at Tayock Cottages, Dun. His father was given as John Raitt, labourer, deceased; and his mother as Mary Petrie, also deceased. The informant was his son James Raitt of Greystone, St Cyrus.

William Raitt and Ann Leuchars had seven children: John, born 27 September 1849 in Carmyllie; Ann, born 24 July 1851 in Carmyllie; James, born 24 April 1856, in Aberlemno; David, born 29 October 1858 in Rescobie (died by hanging on 26 February 1877 in Glenskenno, Dun aged 18); George, born 29 July 1863 in Rescobie (died that same year); Mary Jane, born 9 February 1869 in Dun; and Robert, born 1 September 1871, also in Dun.

The 1841 census for Greenpiece, Carmyllie has John Rait, 35, farmer; wife Mary Petrie, 40; and children William, 12; and Mary, 7 - all born Angus.

In the 1851 census for Cononsyth, Carmyllie, we have William Rait, 22, farm labourer, born Carmyllie; wife Ann, 24, born St Vigeans; and son John, 1, born Carmyllie.

In the 1861 census for East Carse Bank, Rescobie, Angus, we find William Raitt, 32, ploughman, born Angus; wife Ann, 34, born Angus; and children: John, 11, born Angus; Ann, 9, born Angus; James, 4, born Aberlemno, Angus; and David, 2, born Rescobie.

In 1871 the family is living at Glenskenno Cottages, Dun, Angus - William Raitt, 42 is a farm labourer, born Carmyllie; wife Ann is 44, born St Vigeans: daughter Ann is a dress maker, 19, born Carmyllie; son James, 14, born Aberlemno; son David, 12, scholar, born Rescobie; and daughter Mary Jane, 2, born Dun.

In the 1881 census for the same address, there is William Raitt, 52, agricultural labourer, born Carmyllie; wife Ann, 54, born St Vigeans; daughter Mary Jane, 12, scholar; and son Robert, 9, scholar - both born Dun.

In 1891 the family is living at Langley Park South Lodge, Dun - William Raitt, 62, farm servant, born Angus; wife Ann, 65, born St Vigeans; and grandsons Joseph Matthew, 14, farm servant, born Broughty Ferry, Angus (this is the son of William’s daughter Ann); and William Raitt, 6, scholar, born England. Who he is is not yet found - he could possibly be the son of William’s eldest son John.

In 1901 living at Tayock Cottage, Dun, we have William Raitt, 72, agricultural labourer, born Carmyllie; wife Ann, 74, born St Vigeans; and granddaughter Margaret V. Raitt, 13, born England. This is probably the daughter of William’s son, James.


Regarding the sons of William Raitt and Ann Leuchars, the eldest, John, born 27 September 1849 in Carmyllie is not yet found after the 1861 census.

Son James and his family are detailed below.

Son David, born 29 October 1858 in Rescobie died by hanging on 26 February 1877 in Glenskenno, Dun aged 18. An entry in the Dundee Courier and Argus dated 27 February 1877 provides the tragic details of his young death, headed Suicide of a Young Man at Montrose.

“Shortly after midnight yesterday, David Raitt, a young man aged eighteen, son of the grieve at Glenskinno, parish of Dun, rose from his bed and went out. In consequence of his not returning, his father rose about two o’clock, and, in searching for him, found that the boy had committed suicide by hanging himself in a cellar. The unhappy youth had been for some time threatened with blindness, and it is supposed that this may have so preyed upon his mind as to induce him to commit the fatal deed.”

Son George, born 29 July 1863 in Rescobie died soon after birth.

The information found regarding William and Ann’s youngest son Robert, born 1 September 1871, in Dun, is also given below.

Robert Raitt

Robert Raitt,  the youngest son of William Raitt and Ann Leuchars, born 1 September 1871, in Dun, Angus, died on 14 April 1936 of coal gas poisoning at 88 Annfield Road, Dundee. He was 64, a dairyman, and widower of Margaret Sutherland. His parents were given as William Raitt, farm grieve, and Ann Leuchars. The informant was his son-in-law, W. Laird of Lochee. Robert, aged 24, a police constable, had married Margaret Johanna Donaldson Gunn Sutherland, aged 27, a domestic servant, on 3 July 1896 in South Leith, Edinburgh. Her parents were named as Sinclair Sutherland, crofter, and Isabella Hendry. Margaret died aged 64 on 2 August 1934 in Dundee, her husband Robert was the informant.

In the 1881 census for the same address, there is William Raitt, 52, agricultural labourer, born Carmyllie; wife Ann, 54, born St Vigeans; daughter Mary Jane, 12, scholar; and son Robert, 9, scholar - both born Dun.

Robert is not yet found in the 1891 census - unless he is the Robert Raith, 19, born Angus, farm servant at Cairnbank Both, Brechin.

However, in the 1901 census for 18 Thorntree Street, Douth Leith, there is Robert Raitt, 29, police constable, born Montrose, Angus; wife Margaret, 31, born Latheron, Caithness; and daughters Margaret, 3 and Annie, 2 - both born Leith, Midlothian.

In the 1911 census for Barry, Carnoustie, living at 123 Kinlock Street, we find Robert Raitt, 39, a carter, born Dun; wife Margaret, 41, born Latheron, Caithness - married for 14 years with four children, three of who were still living; and children: Margaret, 13, at school, born Leith; Annie, 12, at school, born Leith; and Robert, 3, born Carnoustie. The child who died (of pneumonia), on 21 December 1909, aged 2, at 123 Kinlock Street, was named as William Matthew. In fact, William Matthew was Robert Jnr’s twin. Both were born on 22 December 1907 in Panmure Terrace, Carnoustie. Their father, Robert Raitt, was a carrier; and their mother was fully named as Margaret Johanna Donaldson Gunn Sutherland - they married on 3 July 1896 in South Leith.


Robert Raitt Jnr married Betsy Doig (born 5 January 1909) on 19 April 1929 in Springfield, Dundee. Robert was 21, a grocer’s assistant, living at 88 Annfield Road, Dundee; and Betsy was 20, a jute weaver living at 6 Janefield Place, Dundee. Robert’s father was given as Robert Raitt, master grocer, and his mother was named as Margaret Gunn. Betsy’s parents were Walter Doig, mason; and Margaret Gray. No sooner married than the couple left for Canada! Robert Raitt, grocer, aged 21, is recorded as departing Greenock on 27 April 1929 bound for Quebec and Montreal aboard the Montroyal. With him is his wife Betty, aged 20, a housewife. Their last address in the UK was 88 Annfield Road, Dundee. The vessel arrived in Quebec on 4 May 1929 and from the passenger returns we learn that Robert, 21, grocer, was born in Carnoustie and Betsy, 20, housewife, was born in Dundee. They both gave as their nearest relative in the UK, Robert’s father, Mr R. Raitt, 88 Annfield Road, Dundee. Their destination in Canada was a friend, Mr W. Reilly, living at 442, Concord Avenue, Toronto, Ontario. They tarried in Canada about a year and they are next found arriving in Detroit, Michigan on 4 June 1930. Robert Raitt, nationality Scotch, born Carnoustie, aged 21, and now a metal worker, was accompanied by his wife Betsy. Their departure contact was a friend Mrs R. Morrison in Toronto and their arrival contact in Detroit was sister-in-law Mrs E. Clarke 5393 Hurlburt Ave, Detroit. Robert was 5ft 10in tall, had a mid complexion, fair hair and blue eyes and possessed $200. It looks as though they were there to stay and his naturalization papers were dated 8 November 1940 in Detroit.

They arrived just in time for the 1930 census - their home was at 5391 Hurlburt Avenue, Detroit; Robert Raitt was 22, born in Scotland (as were both parents), and was working as the manager of a grocery store. His wife, Betsy G., was 21, also born Scotland as were both parents. Robert was married at age 21 and Betsy at age 20 and they had immigrated to the United States in 1930. There were several other families living at the same address including William and Evelyn Clarke who had arrived from Scotland in 1924, and also John And Agnes Chapman and their infant son, Colin, who arrived from Scotland in 1929.

Although in 1935 their inferred address was Detroit, in the 1940 census, they were living at 23603 Chambers, Warren, Macomb, Michigan. Robert Raitt was now 32 and a machinist and had his first citizenship papers. Betty was 31. Also in the household are two children: Evelyn Y, 10, born Detroit; and Roberta R., 4, born Michigan.

Robert Raitt enlisted on 15 October 1943 and was released on 30 November 1945. He was in Technician Grade 5 (TEC 5) in the US Army during World War II.

The family (though not Evelyn who was married by this time) made a trip back to the UK at some point and is recorded as departing Southampton on 16 October 1952 bound for New York, aboard the Queen Mary. Included are Robert Raitt, 43, machinist, born Scotland; wife Betty, 32, housewife, born Scotland; daughter Roberta, 15; and also Suzanne, 4 - both born Michigan. Their last address in the UK was 6 Jamefield Place, Dundee. The ship arrived on New York on 21 October 1952 and their destination was given as 23003 Chambers Avenue, Michigan. Presumably Suzanne was a late daughter of Robert and Betty. The record of them travelling to the UK is not yet found.

Evelyn Yvonne Raitt appears to have been born on 23 August 1930 and died on 1 January 2007 - her last residence was the US Consulate in London. She married Leonard J. Jarzembowski on 16 September 1950 in Detroit. They took a trip to Niagara Falls, Ontario and are noted in the Honeymoon and Visitors Register as having stayed there on 18 April 1964 - their address was 23603 Columbus, East Detroit, Michigan. They divorced in San Diego in April 1973. As Evelyn Jarzembowski, aged 46, she married Colin A. Chapman, aged 48, on 4 March 1977 in San Diego. This is quite possibly the Colin Chapman living at the same address in 1930.

It seems as though Roberta R. Raitt married Ronald C. Soren and was living in St Paul, Minnesota in 1960.

Robert Raitt, born 22 December 1907, died on 27 January 1976 in San Diego aged 68 - his last residence being 92025 Escondido, San Diego.  His wife Betsy G., born 5 January 1909, had died in San Diego on 8 December 1959, aged 50.

James and Louisa Raitt's youngest son, Robert Shephard Raitt, was born on 25 June 1894 in Bervie and died on 11 December 1957 in Northern District, Aberdeen. His birth extract notes his father was a bus proprietor and his death extract says he was a retired cattle ranch manager married to Alice Glenday Blackie Livingstone. His widow, Alice, was the informant and residing in Bervie Schoolhouse, Strathdon. Alice Glenday Blackie Raitt, widow of Robert Shephard Raitt, farm manager, died on 28 July 1966 in Lochee, Burgh of Dundee, aged 71. Her date of birth is given as 4 July 1895 in Ireland and her parents were Rogers Dyker Livingstone, insurance secretary, and Jane Lowdon Blackie - both Scottish and deceased. The informant was her nephew D. Livingstone.

Robert had emigrated to Buenos Aires, Argentina on 10 June 1921 from Southampton aboard the Andes. He was 26, unaccompanied, a farmer, travelling in 2nd class; his last address in the United Kingdom was given as Stanathainly, Edcell (sic), Forfar; his last permanent country of residence was Scotland and his intended future country of residence was Argentina.

Robert returned home on 16 August 1951 from Buenos Aires to London aboard the Highland Monarch. His age was 57, his occupation was farmer; and he was accompanied by his wife, Alice Glenday Raitt (between the two surnames of Robert and Alice is the name Blackie) aged 56 and a housewife. Their proposed address in the UK was 15 Kingsgate, Aberdeen and Scotland was their intended country of future permanent residence, their previous one having been Argentina. It appears that a Robert S. Raitt made a trip back to the UK in 1930, arriving on 3 April in London from La Plata/River Plate aboard the Highland Hope travelling in 1st class. He was aged 32, and gave his occupation as rancher. His proposed address was ℅ Spanish Club, London; his country of last permanent residence was Argentina and his country of future permanent residence was marked under Foreign Countries. This will be Robert Shephard Raitt despite the discrepancy in age. A Robert Raitt, aged 32, returned to Buenos Aires aboard the Highland Monarch on 7 November 1930 with a last address in the UK being 38 Summit Close, (London) NW9. His occupation, though is given as Major-domo!

It would appear that Robert’s future wife, Alice, went to Argentina in 1933 - departing London on board the Rodney Star on 28 October bound for Buenos Aires. Her name is given as Alice Glenday Livingstone, aged 38, no occupation, travelling in 1st class - her last address in the UK was 64 New Wynd, Montrose, Scotland, though her country of last permanent residence was England - and her future country of permanent residence was to be Argentina. According to a Family Notice in the Dundee Courier  for 20 November 1933, Robert Raitt and Alice G. B. Livingstone were married at St Andrew’s Church, Buenos Aires on 18 November 1933 by the Rev. Douglas W. Bruce, M.A. Robert S. Raitt was of Smiddyhill Brechin, and Alice was the daughter of the late R. D. and Mrs Livingstone, Dundee.

James Raitt

James Rait (sic) was born on 24 April 1856 in Balbinny, Aberlemno, Angus to William Rait, farm servant, and Ann Leuchars who had married in Carmyllie, Angus on 16 June 1849. He was their  second oldest son and married (as James Raitt) Louisa Strachan on 10 December 1880 in Bervie. He was a farm servant aged 24 living at Arrat’s Mill Farm, Brechin and Louisa was 26, a domestic servant living at 102, King St., Bervie. James’s father William was now an overseer on a farm. Louisa’s parents were John Strachan, game dealer, and Isabella Petrie. Louisa had been born on 17 April 1855 in Roadside of Kinneff. Her father was named as John Strachan, blacksmith, aged 24 years, and born in Arbroath. He had married in St Cyrus in 1851 and had one boy, living - it would seem as though John and Isabella had six children in total. She was born around 1828 in St Cyrus, Kincardineshire.

James Raitt, farmer, died on 19 June 1920, aged 65. His father was given as William Raitt, farm manager, and his mother as Ann Leuchars, both deceased. The informant was his son James Raitt. His widow Louisa died a couple of years later - on 18 October 1922 at Smiddy Hill, Stracathro. Her parents were listed as John Strachan, game dealer and Isabella Petrie, both deceased. the informant was her son James.

James and Louisa Raitt had eight children between 1882-1894: Martha (Mattie) Ann Strachan; Annabella Strachan; Louisa Lillias Strachan; John William; James; Margaret Helen; Elizabeth Ann; and Robert Shephard.

In the 1881 census for Arrat Mill Cottage, Brechin, Angus we have James Raitt, 24, agricultural labourer, born Aberlemno; and his wife Louisa, 26, born Kinneff, Kincardineshire. Also in the household are two visitors: John Elliott, 35, railway agent, born England; and Martha Strachan, 22, domestic servant, born Gorvock, Kincardineshire. Martha is Louisa’s younger sister.

In the 1891 census for Brae Cottage, New Street, Stonehaven, Dunnottar, Kincardineshire we find James Rait, 34, insurance agent, born Aberlemno, Forfarshire; wife Louisa, 34, born Kinneff, Kincardine; and children: Mattie Ann, 8, born Brechin; Annabella, 7, born England; Louisa L., 5, born England; John, 4, born England; James, 2, born Bervie, Kincardine; and Margaret H., 11 months, born Dunnottar, Kincardine. Also in the household is Louisa’s sister Martha Strachan, 31, visitor and domestic servant.

In the 1901 census the family is living in King Street, Bervie, Kincardineshire: James Raitt, 44, horse hirer, born Aberlemno; wife Louise, 44, born Kinneff; and children: Louise, 14, domestic nurse, born England; John, 14, scholar, born Bervie; James, 12, scholar, born Bervie; Margaret H., 10, scholar, born Stonehaven, Kincardineshire; Elizabeth Ann, 8, scholar, born Bervie; and Robert, 6, scholar, born Bervie. Daughters Mattie and Annabella are both to be found at Dunottar, Westwood Park, Lewisham, London, in the household of ship owner David Rennie, age 36, born Scotland (wife Isabel, 27, born Ceylon). Mattie is 18 and the cook, born Scotland; while Annabella is 17 and the housemaid, born St Johns, Yorkshire.

In 1911 the family is at Greystone, St Cyrus, Kincardineshire - James Raitt, 54, farmer, born Forfar; wife Louisa, 54 (married 31 years with eight children, all still living), born Kinneff; sons: James 22, assisting in farmwork, born Bervie; and Robert, 16, also assisting in farmwork and born Bervie; and daughter Margaret Helen, 20, assisting at home, born Stonehaven. Also in the household is John Strachan, 79, visitor, widower, retired blacksmith, born Arbroath, Forfarshire. This is Louisa’s father. Daughters Mattie Ann and Annabella were married by this time. Neither Elizabeth Ann, Louisa Lillias nor John William are yet found in the census.

James and Louisa Raitt's eldest daughter, Mattie Ann Strachan Raitt, was born on 8 April 1882 in Brechin, Angus and died on 8 March 1976 in St Albans, Hertfordshire, England. She married Charles William Morrison (1878-1921) on 8 April 1903 in Mile End Old Town, London. The couple had two sons: James Raitt, birth registered in 3rd quarter 1903 in West Ham, Essex; and Charles William, birth registered in 4th quarter 1907 in West Ham, Essex.

Daughter Annabella Strachan Raitt was born on 15 December 1883 in Richmond, Yorkshire (birth registered in first quarter 1884) and died on 17 February 1967 in Aberdeen. On 7 December 1907 in St Cyrus, Kincardineshire, she married James Gove (1880-1946), a butler, aged 26. Annabella was a domestic servant aged 23 residing at Greystone, St Cyrus and her father, James, was a farmer. James Gove’s father, also james, was a park keeper. Annabella and James had three children: James, born 14 October 1908 in Stracathro; Henry, born 7 August 1910 in Montrose, Angus; and Elsie, born 15 September 1912, also in Montrose.

Daughter Louisa Lillias Strachan Raitt’s birth was registered in the 3rd quarter 1885 in Richmond and she died on 3 July 1915 in childbirth in Blythswood, Glasgow. Aged 28, she had married William Raitt Matthew, 39, police sergeant, on 26 August 1914 in Greystone, St Cyrus. It is not known whether the baby survived. However, William’s middle name of Raitt, was his mother’s maiden name. Ann Raitt, aged 23, a domestic servant, married James Matthew, also aged 23, a ploughman, on 4 December 1974 at Glenskinno, Dun, Angus. Her parents were William Raitt, farm overseer and Ann Leuchars - thus she was the younger sister of James Raitt and so Louisa’s aunt!

James and Louisa Raitt's eldest son, John William Raitt, was born on 17 August 1886 in Richmond, Yorkshire - his birth there being registered in the fourth quarter of 1886. However, in his enlistment papers for the Australian Infantry Force in 1915, he stated he was born in Bervie, Kincardineshire. Perhaps he believed he was since the family returned there when he was not even two years old. Having emigrated to Australia as a young man, he died on 7 July 1955 in Arncliffe, New South Wales, Australia having married Mary Ritchie McCullum Allan in England in 1918 and having a daughter born in Australia. His story, together with that of his youngest sister Elizabeth who followed him to Australia is told on the Raitt Siblings in New South Wales page. However, John was also a war hero and further information about his service career will be found on the Raitts in World War One page.

Son James Raitt was born on 11 June 1888 in Bervie and died on 20 October 1956 aged 68 at Smiddyhill Farm, Stracathro. His occupation was a farmer. He married Margaret Paterson Nicoll on 7 June 1919 at Bridge of Dun. His usual residence was given as Smiddy Hill, Brechin, he was a farmer aged 30 and his wife was 26. His brother Robert was a witness.

James and Louisa Raitt's daughter, Margaret Helen Raitt, was born on 28 April 1890 in Dunnottar, Kincardineshire and died on 24 January 1974 in Morningside, Edinburgh. She married Herbert William Munro at Smiddyhill, Stracathro on 3 September 1927. She was 37 and he was 44, an engineer, residing in Aberdeen. His father was a schoolmaster, deceased. Herbert seems to have died a few years later in 1932 in Aberdeen Southern District. It would appear that Margaret later married David Middleton in Morningside in 1952.

James and Louisa Raitt's youngest daughter, Elizabeth Ann Raitt, was born on 26 April 1892 in Castle Terrace, Bervie, Kincardineshire and from her birth extract we learn that her father James was, at that time, a bus proprietor. Elizabeth married an Australian private, Alexander John Cameron, on 14 January 1919 at her home in Smiddy Hill, Stracathro, Angus and some time later joined him in Australia following his return home from war. The couple had two children whose descendants survive today. Elizabeth died in Kogarah, Sydney on 11 February 1946, while her husband Alexander died on 1 July 1960 in Sutherland, Sydney. The story of Elizabeth, as well as her brother John William (see above) who preceded her to Australia, is told on the Raitt Siblings in New South Wales page.